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What is Sociological Theory? 4 Major Sociological Theories

Sociological Theory | Theory and paradigm

Theory and paradigm are two important concepts in the field of sociology. They help sociologists understand and explain social phenomena and provide frameworks for studying and interpreting society. While theory refers to a set of interconnected ideas and concepts that explain a particular aspect of society, a paradigm represents a broader framework that guides research and understanding within a discipline. In this context, sociological theory refers to the body of knowledge and ideas that sociologists use to study and explain social behavior. Continue reading “What is Sociological Theory? 4 Major Sociological Theories”

Auguste Comte: Biography – Sociology – Positivism – Books

Auguste Comte (Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte), born on January 19, 1798, in Montpellier, France, was a prominent French philosopher, sociologist, and founder of the discipline of sociology. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of positivism, a philosophical approach that emphasizes empirical evidence and scientific methods in understanding the social world. Continue reading “Auguste Comte: Biography – Sociology – Positivism – Books”

Karl Marx’s  View on Asiatic Mode of Production

Karl Marx was a philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, and political theorist who is best known for co-authoring “The Communist Manifesto” and his influential work, “Das Kapital.” He was born on May 5, 1818, in Trier, Germany, and passed away on March 14, 1883, in London, England.

Asiatic Mode of Production

Continue reading “Karl Marx’s  View on Asiatic Mode of Production”

Social Forces in the Development of Sociological Theory

Social Forces|Development of Sociological Theory

The development of sociological theory has been shaped by various historical and theoretical forces that have profoundly influenced our understanding of social phenomena. This write-up explores significant social forces and their impact on the development of sociological theory. Continue reading “Social Forces in the Development of Sociological Theory”